Professional Services

Mission Rec Group can help professionals, including attorneys, paralegals, and financial advisers with their real estate needs. We have the skill and experience to handle the most complicated of transactions. We can buy or list severely physically and/or financially distressed properties, foreclosures, short sales, and probate cases. We are extremely adept at pricing properties and can even provide a time of death value for a property in a probate case. If title is clouded, we are especially good at investigating and identifying title issues/problems.

Property Management Company

We are the complete property solutions company for the professionals with whom we work because they never need to hire or consult with anyone else.

Great for you

We enable professionals to take on more clients. In conjunction with a listing, we can sometimes provide general contracting services with no upfront cost. This enables a cash poor client to sell a home for much more; we get reimbursed at the close and the professional is able to take on a client that they otherwise would not.

Make it happen

We are a constant, reliable resource for the professionals with whom we work. We enable professionals to focus on their duties, knowing that their clients’ every real estate need is being met courteously and efficiently.