Perform General Contracting

Mission Rec Group are fully licensed and bonded general contractors and, while we seldom perform standalone general contracting services for the public, we regularly do so in conjunction with our other services. We are happy to buy property that requires extensive repairs because we can professionally and quickly complete the necessary work and either place it back on the market for a profit or retain it as a long term investment property. When hired to list a property for sale, we also perform any repair work needed to maximize the profit for the owner.

Our capabilities as general contractors also allows us to purchase vacant land. Many plots are too remote for our crews to work, but we are always interested in vacant land in the right areas at the right price. We have experience subdividing and developing large tracts of high-end homes from the ground up.

Great for you

We provide you with the convenience of  being the solution for all of your property needs. There’s never the need to find contractors, solicit bids, compare them, and hire who you hope is the right company. We do the work ourselves, whether you sell to us or retain us to list the property for you on the open market.

“They redid the plumbing, electrical, flooring—basically the entire house, while somehow keeping the exterior true to its original mid-century style and making a 400 square foot addition that that feels like it was always a part of the house. It was one of the best investments we could have made.”

Adriana and Michael Letender (Downey, CA)