Manage Property

Mission Rec Group have a large and constantly expanding portfolio of properties that we manage, including 1-4 unit residences and larger apartment buildings. The most important aspect of investment property ownership is maintaining the asset and extracting the highest profits from it. Our skilled maintenance staff performs all necessary repairs to maximize rents and then provides long-term upkeep of the property. Our orderly office staff pays bills on time to avoid potentially costly fees and monitors area rents to ensure that rents are raised when appropriate.

Tenant relations is another important aspect of managing property. This starts with properly screening tenants in a fair and nondiscriminatory way so that the right people live in your building. We perform a full credit and background check on every prospective tenant, including an eviction report and criminal record search. Once we have qualified tenants, we keep an open line of communication with them and are responsive to their needs. In exchange for the great service that we provide tenants, we maintain a firm policy with regard to the timely payment of rent so that expenses are paid on time.

Great for you

If you own your own investment properties, you’ve likely experienced the hassles of managing them yourself: improperly screening tenants that become problematic, chasing down late rents, making mortgage and insurance payments on time, hiring and deploying costly maintenance staff, and dealing with all manner of emergency situations, like a leaking roof, water heater, or sink.

We take care of all of this for you for a reasonable fee, so that it feels like the property is on autopilot and your profits are steadily deposited into your account.

Home for rent

“The maintenance staff is polite and professional whenever they visit. It’s obvious that Mission Real Estate takes pride in their properties and maintains them very well, because of this I can easily call this place ‘home.’”

Derek Miller