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The most important consideration in getting a property sold is the listing price. If a property is undervalued, it can be a red flag to potential buyers that there is a serious problem with the property that is not being disclosed. If a property is overpriced, it can sit on the market for months without generating offers. Then the listing agent will slowly lower the price over and over again to try to generate offers. All of this makes the listing appear to be stale and potential buyers lose interest.

The critical time to generate buzz in a property is when it first appears on the market. If a property is priced correctly, there will be instant excitement over the new entry into the market. Potential buyers will compete against each other and generate overbids, resulting in a quick sale at the best possible price.

Mission Rec Group have experience pricing all kinds of property throughout Southern California and getting them sold for a quick profit at top of market prices.

When pricing homes and researching market comparables, we have the local knowledge of Southern California’s communities and micro-communities to limit our search to only truly accurate comparable properties, rather than bring in an outlier that will skew the results.

When pricing income properties, we are able to thoroughly pour over the property’s income and cash flow statements to arrive at a realistic net operating income figure. Operating expenses are those required to run and maintain the building and its grounds, such as insurance, property management fees, utilities, property taxes, repairs and janitorial fees. With these numbers properly calculated, we can provide a precise value based on a particular investor’s needs and desired capitalization rate.

Experience Matters

Our principal executives have over 50 years of combined experience pricing properties to list for owners or for investment purposes. We can also establish value as of time of death for probate cases.

List Property

“For your effort, your diligent work, your real estate know-how, patience and endurance, I am really grateful. Let me assure you that it was a rewarding experience working with you.”

Nelly Protzlav