Whether you’re a real estate professional or an owner, there are benefits in selling to us.


We buy single family homes, multifamily residences, apartment buildings, commercial property, vacant land, and even individual condominium units. There is never any need to reinvest in improvements before selling to us because regardless of the type of property that you are looking to sell, we will buy any kind of real estate “as is.” We buy buildings—with or without tenants—that are red tagged (i.e. condemned), boarded up, in need of repairs, have fire damage, are abandoned, or show evidence of squatters or criminal activity. We also buy vacant land, even if it is completely raw.

Our primary interest is in buying and flipping single family residences with deferred maintenance in the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside. We prefer houses with more functional floor plans, but have plenty of experience with quirky, nontraditional layouts. We also prefer fixer uppers with enough room for improvement that a basic rehab will create enough value to make a purchase worthwhile. However, we are more than happy to add living space square footage to increase the value where appropriate.

We are also interested in buying multifamily units and apartment buildings for longterm hold. We buy units that are distressed and in need of repairs, but are willing to pay a premium for units in better condition. Moreover, we will buy units with tenants or units that are completely empty—occupancy does not matter to us.

We don’t make as many land deals as we used to, but from time to time, we buy and develop vacant land that can be subdivided into residential tracts.


We have existing relationships with several real estate agents and brokers in Southern California and have done multiple deals with each of them. The reason that we do repeat business with agents and brokers is that we provide them with a valuable resource and do so in a way that benefits them as well as their clients.

Our agents and brokers know that we’re not right for every property that comes across their desks, but they know that we buy all cash and close quickly—in as little as seven days. We can close so quickly because we have no need to obtain hard money loans; we always have the necessary funds on hand!

We also appreciate agents and brokers that bring us business. Whenever a real estate professional brings us a deal, we retain them to represent us as our selling agent, allowing them to double end their commission. Moreover, when that property has been brought up to peak market value and is ready to be resold, the agent that initially brought us the deal also gets the first shot at listing it for us.


As with agents, we know that we’re not the right buyer for every property owner looking to sell. For an owner that is looking to grind it out for months, trying to squeeze every penny out of their property before selling, we’re simply not a match because we’re not retail buyers; we need to be able to resell property for a profit.

What we can offer a property owner is simplicity. A property owner selling to us does not need to hire a contractor, make any repairs, hire a real estate agent, list the property, market the property, wait months for offers, endure a long escrow process, or help with closing costs—all the while making mortgage, insurance, and tax payments.

When we make an offer on a property, we pay all cash and close in a matter of days, not months! Moreover, that offer is a net offer; there are never any hidden costs, fees, or commissions. All costs are paid by us, so that the amount we offer you is the amount you take home—often in as little as seven days.

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